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Affordable Overseas Travel with Philippine Airlines!

Konnichiwa or simply Hello!

Philippine airlines are offering fantastic fares to various cities in Japan and New York.

Central Park or Shinjuku Goen? Empire State Building or Tokyo Skytree? Bagels or Okonomikyaki? The Metropolitan Museum of Art or Mori Art Museum? Okay, no more questions, pick from the destinations below!


Fly from Sydney to Tokyo return $656*  ✈️ Fly me to Tokyo

Tokyo is easy to explore by foot and using the subway. First, it might seem intimidating, but you will be surprised how sometimes called "bowl of noodles" metro system is easy to use! Explore the ancient temples, history and art museums, and don't forget the food!



Fly from Sydney to Osaka return $673*  ✈️ Fly me to Osaka

The capital of izakaya restaurants, Osaka is a city known for its bars and nightlife culture. Join all the locals who are always ready for a good meal!



Fly from Sydney to Nagoya return $671*  ✈️ Fly me to Nagoya

Nagoya's green parks and squares are great for a walk in the town. Strategically placed town, a halfway through bullet train route, is a perfect place to stop for a day trip, meet the unpretentious locals, and see one of the less-touristic Japanese cities.



Fly from Sydney to New York return $1,397*  ✈️ Fly me to New York

This city has to offer it all: amazing fun parties, delicious food, beautiful nature and a mix of cultures. You will not get bored here even if it's not your first time in New York. The food and entertainment scene is so dynamic that there's always something new for everyone!


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