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Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country with the highest GDP in the entire continent. This is mainly because of its huge oil reserves. It is also the only Spanish speaking country in Africa.

A unique activity at the beach

Most people go to beaches for fun and recreation. In the Ureca, people visit to see turtles lay eggs. Since 1996, villagers of Ureca were employed to ensure the safety of these turtles during the season. It has also become a tourist attraction. Near the beach, there is a vast jungle where you can go hiking after a day under the sun.

The heart of the country

A lot of people go to Bata if they want to shop and have fun. This is a huge complex where bars, restaurants, markets and hotels abound. Most buildings in the area are influenced by Spanish architecture. Hence, it is perfect for photos.

Whether you want some fun by the beach or by the city, Equatorial Guinea has something in store for you. Book flights with Skiddoo now. 

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