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Ghana is an African country with a name that literally means Warrior King. It is one of the richest countries in Africa. The northern part of Ghana is where you can find vast wildlife and beautiful spots. The southern part is where huge oil reserves can be found.

Visiting the wild

There are 15 wildlife national parks all over the country. These places are heavily protected as they are considered home to different species of plants and animals. The Kakum National Park and the Mole National Park are two of the largest parks in the country, attracting thousands of visitors each year. You can find elephants, buffalos, tigers, lions and some other animals you’ve only seen in pictures. Real Safari adventure awaits you in Ghana.

Experience the unique culture of Ghana

If you want to know more about the culture of people from Ghana, you have to visit the National Cultural Center in Kumasi. This place is teeming with artifacts and other documents reflecting Ghana’s roots. You can also witness authentic African festivals in this city being done every now and then.

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