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Niger is another landlocked country located in the Sahel region of Africa. It is considered as the most popular Sahelian nation when it comes to the rate of tourism. This nation was once colonized by France until 1960’s when it was granted with independence.


Like any other desert countries, the climate here in Niger is primarily hot and dry. In the southernmost part, it is tropical especially near the Niger River Basin. Having a terrain that is mostly desert plains and sand dunes, it is different in both ends. The south region has flat, rolling plains while the northern region is hilly.

Places to visit

Niger is known for its stunning natural beauty and as a Muslim country, it offers many exotic and delicious cuisines. Museums and national parks will show you how rich their culture and wildlife are. Make sure to do the elephant viewing, otherwise it won’t be a complete Niger trip.The Hausa architecture is also one of their significant highlights and it sure is worth a stop for tourists.

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