Cheap Emirates flights


Why Fly with Emirates Airline?

Book cheap Emirates flights on Skiddoo and fly to Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Dublin, Christchurch and over 130 destinations spanning six continents around the world. Emirates is an award-winning airline, one of the biggest in the world, and it partners with other top leading airlines, so you can access more exceptional flights to your desired destination.


Emirates flies globally to over 130 with its fleet of more than 230 modern, young, and industry acclaimed aircrafts. With the largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircrafts and the Emirates A380 which is as close to flying in your own private jet, you’re sure to enjoy flying with Emirates to anywhere in the world.

Cabin Class


Comfort, class, and attentive service is what you’ll enjoy in Emirates Economy Class flights. Fly in comfort as you relax on spacious seats while flipping through the latest movies, TV shows and tunes with Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system. Recharge your mobile devices on your in-seat power supply while you refuel and tuck into Emirates’ globally inspired menu of long-time favourites and new creations so you can dine on complimentary beverages and gourmet dishes from the heart of your flight destination. So book Emirates Economy Class on Skiddoo for a flight that’s economical without compromise on comfort and service.

Business Class

Business Class will let you balance business and pleasure on the ground and in the sky. Enjoy a complimentary chauffeur-driven service to and from the airport and wait in comfort at the Emirates airport lounge. Meet with other jetsetters from around the world at 40,000 feet with Emirates’ open areas for mingling. Taste your way around the world with Business Class’ award winning wine selection and regionally inspired gourmet menu served on luxurious china plates and cutlery, then get a view into new worlds with the endless entertainment option of Emirates ice on your very own 23-inch screen. Then doze off on the airlines’ flat-bed seats, comfy mattress and blanket so you can wake up, and arrive inspired for your next big meeting or travel adventure.

First Class

In Emirates First Class, you’ll have some much-needed me-time. From the complimentary chauffeur-driven service to and from the airport, to the time you step on board your own private suite, you’ll feel truly pampered with its award winning Bulgari comfort amenity kits. Enjoy cocktails as you mingle with other first class passengers in the sky. Have a heavenly sleep in your suite then reawaken your senses and take on the day with a refreshing shower at 40,000 feet. Get a taste of gourmet meals with their regionally inspired dishes and treat yourself to hours of entertainment with Emirates ice in your own private cinema.



Emirates passengers for Economy Class flights are allowed one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 7kg, while Business and First class flyers can bring two pieces of carry-on baggage weighing up to 7kg each. Some duty free purchased items are also permitted on board for all Emirates cabin classes.

Checked Baggage

Baggage allowance will depend on your booked Emirates flights on Skiddoo. Emirates Economy Class flyers can bring one checked luggage weighing up to 30kg, Business Class passengers can bring up to 40kg checked baggage, and Emirates First Class passengers are allowed up to 50kg checked baggage.

For complete travel and Emirates luggage information, check out the Emirates baggage guide.


Your check-in with Emirates a breeze with online web check-in, mobile check-in, and airport check-in. Find out which one would suit you best by visiting the Emirates online check-in guide.

Frequent Flyer

Fly with Emirates and be rewarded with incredible benefits by joining the Emirates Skywards frequent flyer programme for free. Earn frequent flyer miles in the air and on the ground with Emirates and its affiliated partners so you can redeem travel perks including members-only travel offers, priority service, access to the Emirates Lounge and affiliate lounges, exchanging miles for tickets, flight class upgrades and many more. If you want to enjoy even greater travel perks, move up the Skywards member tiers from Blue, Silver, Gold, and all the way to Platinum. You’ll truly feel like royalty as a Skywards member when you fly with Emirates anywhere in the world.

Contact Emirates

For more questions and info, you can contact Emirates Airline by calling +61 1300 303 777 or go to the Emirates Airline website.