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The only country in Central America located between Guatemala and Mexico that does not have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean is Belize. Most of its area is heavily forested and it has Mangrove swamps and cays. Belize despite being a small country is multi-cultural. There are Creoles, Guatemaltecos, Garifunas, Mayas, East Indians, Mennonites, Honduras and Mestizoes living harmoniously and peacefully in Belize. Most of the people living in this country are trilingual. They speak Spanish, Creole and English. 

Things to do in Belize

Belize is a country with jungles that have exotic animals and plants. It is also a place where one would enjoy deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving and swimming in the Caribbean. While in Belize you might want to try their Gibnut, a rodent that tastes like tough chicken, which is a famous Belizean cuisine. Belize does not have high rise buildings; in fact their tallest building is a Maya ruin.

Interesting Facts about Belize and its People

Belize has many interesting facts that most visitors are not aware of. The howler monkeys and 500 species of birds consider the rainforests of Belize their home. The 2nd largest reef barrier called the Belize Barrier Reef is home to over 400 species of subtropics fish.

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