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Guatemala is a country in North America particularly in the Central America region. It is a country where a lot of trees are found. Its name is a Nahuatl word, which means a place of many trees. Nahuatl is an Aztec or Ancient Mexican language.

Having Fun in Guatemala

Coffee drinkers would enjoy staying in Guatemala as the best coffee comes from this country. After a nice cup of coffee it would be nice to visit Lake Atitlan and appreciate the beauty of the three volcanoes found in the middle of the lake. You can paraglide into the craters of these volcanoes or scuba dive and swim in the lake. Antigua Guatemala is also a beautiful place with a lot of history. Getting to Guatemala can be inexpensive.

Have Skiddoo book a flight for you to Guatemala and have an adventurous vacation with a nice cup of coffee before you go. 

When to go

The climate is generally mild and get cool during the night even during summer in the Central and Western Highlands but in El Peten and the Pacific Coast it is tropically steamy and hot. 

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