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Albania, also known by its honorary title as “Hero of Socialist Labour” received many exceptional achievements both in terms of national economy and culture. Although it’s a small country, Albania is well-known for its unique and rich biological diversity. Variations in climate, geomorphology and terrain created a suitable environment for numerous endemic and sub-endemic flora species.

Albania's Climate

With Albania’s coastline facing the Ionian and Adriatic seas and the highlands adjacent to the Balkan landmass, the entire country is subjected to varying weather conditions during winter and summer. During winter, the lowlands have an average temperature of 7 °C (45 °F). Daytime temperature is high but it’s always cold during the nighttime.


Albania’s coastline is considered by many as the best place to go. Tourists enjoy its clear turquoise seas as well as the islands that are cast upon it. Visiting the Ksamili Beach or Dermi Beach is the most relaxing way of spending the holidays. Walking around Butrint, a popular UNESCO world heritage site is ideal for visitors since they will view many ancient ruins.

Never leave Albania without visiting the Skadar Lake, Drin River and the Rozafa Castle. Fun never ends in Albania. You can experience the beauty of this place as well as its wonderful culture when you book a flight to Albania through Skiddoo today!

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