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Belarus is part of Eastern Europe, encircled by Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. Although it is considered a landlocked country, Belarusians and tourists can still gratify to its waters of 3 wide rives and 11,000 lakes. Belarus has a humid temperature and you can enjoy its cool and moist winds even during the summertime.

Untouched Natural Beauty

Belarus boasts of a gargantuan number of tourists that is now reaching about 12 million people annually. Among the most visited cities are Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk, and Brest. In Minsk City, you can see a rich cultural and historical pedigree of Belarus in its unscathed old churches and museums. And in the heart of the country, unique structures are constructed that are both gratifying to eyes and that hold economic purposes in the country. Among these are the Island of Tears in Minsk City, the Korobchitsy Tourism Complex in Korobchitsy, and the Oginsky Estate in Zalesye.

Food & People

Belarusians love bread, pork, and vegetables, thus expect to eat more of these in your meals. They are popular for preparing slow cooked and stew dishes, which are being ordered by tourists over and over again. The people are very hospitable and extra-friendly as well. They are accustomed to offering presents to their guests and visitors as a sign of greetings and respect. Often they would present bread, salt, kvass, and wheat vodka.

Belarus is indeed a lovely country to live in and Belarusians are among the loveliest persons on Earth. Enjoy these God’s splendors when you visit Belarus – a landlocked country in Eastern Europe.

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