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Who would have known tourists could have so many things to do in this small Middle Eastern archipelago? With just a little more than 160 square kilometers, Bahrain offers many tourist destinations and activities.

For one, Bahrain in Arabic literally means the Two Seas. As an archipelago surrounded by the Persian Gulf, you can enjoy the fine white sand and the clear waters from the beach of Al Dar Islands. If that’s not enough, go ahead and take an excursion to the pearl reefs and appreciate the marine life face-to-face.

Step into history

Step out of the waters and enjoy Bahrain’s lineage of historical sites. From the mysterious A’ali burial mounds to the unique Qalat al Bahrain museum to the beautiful Old Houses of Muharraq, treat your eyes to the majestic sights of Bahrain’s rich cultural heritage.

Looking to do a little shopping? The Manama Souq gives you a unique shopping and cultural experience as you pass by the alleyways of shops selling Bahrain’s native perfumes and crafts. You can also buy gold, pearls, and other jewelry from Gold City in Central Manama.

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