Using our snazzy filters, you can perfect your trip to exactly what you want.

So, you know exactly what you want from your flight? Well, here’s a chance to tailor-make your journey to exactly what you want. Toggle the filters back and forth to choose your exact specifications.


Hate layovers? Remember to check the ‘direct flights only’ box to avoid having to spend the night somewhere you’d rather avoid. 

Flight Times

The ‘flight times’ filter lets you choose exactly what kind of day you want to leave. Whether you’re a morning person or like your zzzz’s, just move the slider between the times you’re happy to fly.


Budget or luxury? You decide. The ‘price’ filter lets you choose exactly what price range you’re going for. Just move the slider across to choose.


Have a capper to the number of hours you’re happy to sit on an airplane? We understand. Move the slider over to choose the maximum number of hours you want to travel for to get to your destination.

Once you’re happy with the details you’ve chosen, have a look at your narrowed down list of flights.