Skiddoo Offers Student Flights

Skiddoo has partnered with airlines around the world to drop prices even further on student and youth travel.

Before you go on your next adventure, we’re answering a couple of common student fare questions.

Book Student Flights


Who can book student flights:

  • Anyone enrolled in a full time tertiary education can book student flights. Different airlines have different age restrictions, but generally, airlines cut off student fares at the age of 30.

How can I prove I’m a student:

  • Online: Skiddoo collects information about where you are enrolled as a student. Depending on the situation - this may be in the form of a student ID, student email address, or direct validation with the school.
  • At the airport: Bring your student ID card! Airlines have the right to ask for student identification, typically at check-in.

Why are student airfares cheaper:

  • In order to incentivize youth to travel, airlines realize that cheaper flights mean more seats get filled. Only a select number of sales outlets are allowed to sell these more competitive fares – Skiddoo is one of the few in Australia that do.

How to find student flights:

  • When searching Skiddoo, select the “I am student/30 years and under” checkbox, or add the number of students/passengers under 30 dropdown.

  • On the search results page we highlight student deals with a special callout. If you’d like to only view student deals you can select “Student flights” within the filter view.

Why book student flights – are there any perks to student flights:

  • Often times airlines will give more inclusions on student-specific flight deals, like extra baggage or additional ticket flexibility. If you’re a student, make sure to search student fares to see what additional inclusions may be on offer.

So what are you waiting for - get to that festival, plan that mates trip abroad, and hit up that FOMO destination you’ve been holding out on!