How to Skiddoo 

Skiddoo - to leave somewhere quickly.

So, that’s what Skiddoo means on paper, but what does it mean in practice? To us, it means offering people - like you and me - an easy and great experience to get away fast! Travel websites can be so hard to use, so we decided to develop something easy, and that’s how Skiddoo came about.

Here at Skiddoo, it’s all about you! We understand that everyone is different and has different travel needs, whether it’s to do with timing (we like our sleep too…) or only travelling with your favourite carrier.

We have the largest selection of the lowest airfares anywhere in the world, including 100,000 that you won’t find anywhere else. Our clever filter system makes searching effortless: just slide the bars across to change your price range, flight times and airlines to create a list of flights that best suits you.

Skiddoo helps you with the planning and the booking of your long desired holidays, ‘cause we all deserve one, right? We help you discover new places, new cultures and new people.

We can’t promise we’ll find you the love of your life, or that you’ll stay in a palace but we do promise that you will have a great booking experience and save time & money.


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